Online Lesson

Watch this video to get a better understanding what an online lesson is!

Online Lesson 

Learning new movements with smart learning and time management!

Did you know, you can build a powerful swing that you always dreamed of, only using video lessons and practice the moves in the mirror at home?

Did you know, when hitting a golf ball, your mind attention is almost 100 % dedicated to hitting just this one golf ball? Now imagine you are trying to change to a new movement in your golf swing. Is it really necessary to go on the range and try to change your swing? Do you really know what you are changing when hitting balls? When giving lessons I learned one important thing. Feel is different from reality. When I asked the students at the beginning of a lesson, if they did what I asked them to do, most of them said: ”yes, that one was different!”. Looking at the video and showing it for my student, the reaction was almost always the same ”I didn’t change a thing!”. Trying to learn a new moment hitting golfballs is possible, but its harder, because your brain is still drawing attention to trying to hit the ball. Wouldn’t it be more reasonable, to learn the new moments first, without hitting golf balls? And when you feel comfortable with the new movement, you can start to hit golf balls again. This is why, I am very exact about differing, Golf Training and Golf Movement Training. If you want to change the movement of your golf swing to a more athletic and powerful swing. You can do it at home, using a mirror and some extra tools to help you activate the muscles that you need. It's really not that difficult as most people think.

When trying to change your swing for the better, there is really no evidence, that you need to hit a ball to change your swing. In my opinion, it will only slow down the process of learning a new movement.

So is it possible to change your golf swing and learn new movements at home? Yes, its possible! I used to carry the ball about 200 m. Today I carry the ball 250 and I'm able to play professionally goIt's Its amazing how you can change your swing without having to hustle 4 h on the Driving Range every day. Now I want to be honest with you, I still hit many balls on the range. But 3 years ago, starting to change my swing, I only did it in the mirror at home or at the gym. I was just realizing it was much more effective.

I have developed methods over the years using information from the best teachers in the world. Developing a system which really functions to learn new moment patterns. Its simply not necessary to learn a new moment when hitting a golf ball. 

Birks program, will allow you to just work on your moves 20 min a day, and with extreme efficiency. Working together with Birk, he will individually guide you trough the process of learning the movements you need, to swing the club faster. All you need to do is send a video of your swing and you will get a video back with exact instructions on what to do. All you need to do, follow the instructions and work on them 20 min a day. You will be amazed what you can achieve with some time management and smart practicing. 

In the first lessen, Birk will also personally send you different exercises, in which it will help you to learn the moves faster. You have to think in this way ”your body is your limit”. The fitter your body is, the easier it will be to integrate the new moves.

How to get started. Just email Birk at and he will contact you in the next 24 h for more information.

The price will be at 20€ pro video lesson. He recommends one lesson per week, for about 2 month to really have the effects of building a more powerful swing.

Possibles offers

1 lesson - 20 €
For 1 month, 4 lessons - 60 €
For 2 month, 8 lessons - 110 €