About me

Hello there,

My name is Birk Bergdahl and I’m from Gothenburg, Sweden. I started playing golf as a four years old kid, hitting golf balls in the garden. My first golf club was one of my grandfathers, which he let saw to fit me. I played golf until I turned twelve years old. I have great memories from those years, especially the golf camps on the west coast of Sweden; I liked playing with friends and to improve my game. I was stubborn and didn’t like to loose, so I worked hard.

As I got in the early teenage, I found (unfortunately!) Ice hockey more interesting and I stopped playing golf. The coaches at the golf course I belonged to considered me very talented and begged my parents to try to change my mind but nothing helped. Now, as a grown up and ambitious golf player I would have loved having those years of serious golf training. Although, the years of playing ice hockey were great as well and It has given me some useful skills, such as Speed, Coordination and so on. Positive thinking is the only way forward.

In 2012 I moved to Berlin, determined to learn German and get a job. After a day of searching, I found a job at a bar. The owner, Ronald, invited me to play a round of golf. And there I was, standing on the golf course again. Everything felt so familiar, yet so different. I didn’t play well at all that day, but I did find the passion for the sport again. I started to work intensely on my game, eager to improve. I read golf books, watched YouTube videos and I practiced swings in front of the mirror when I wasn’t on the golf course. All this searching for useful information and the technical practice helped me grow as a golf player. At that time, I became sure that I wanted to do something with golf in the future. I wasn’t a very good player back then, so a carrier as a professional was out of the question.

Therefore, I could imagine myself as a golf coach. I started to look around for a well-reputed education and found what I was looking for at Fleesensee golf club in Germany, where one of the countries most famous teachers work: Oliver Heuler. This decision changed my entire life.  Because of the setup of the trainee program, I had a lot of time to work on my own and to improve my game. One of the greatest challenges for me was to pass the Playing ability test. You have four chances every year to play twelve strokes over par in two rounds. (I told you before I wasn’t a good player back then, I was playing in the mid and high 80s). I still had a long way to go if I wanted to pass the test and this first year I didn’t. During wintertime the first year something very important happened.

I came across a golf teacher, Kelvin Miyahira from Hawaii. He was posting articles about the golf swing. I was fully amazed by everything he had to say about it so I started to learn from his articles and trying to develop his ideas into my swing. I worked hard every day to set the moves I was practicing. Needless to say, I hit the ball 30 meters longer after this winter, also with more control. This was obviously a breakthrough for my game and the second year, I passed the Playing ability test, with rounds 76 and 77. This was a booster for me to continue to work on my swing and my game! The second year ended and I decided to visit this guy from Hawaii to take lessons with him. I learned a lot. He gave me instructions on what I should continue to work on. It was an amazing experience and another breakthrough for my game. The third year I started to play lower rounds. Around even par. At this stage, I was getting my first ideas that I wanted to play professionally. I knew I didn’t have a lot of experience, but as I love to play golf and everything that comes with it, I believed it would be possible to try a professional career. I couldn’t miss the opportunity. 

The last year of my totally three years at Fleesensee golf club passed really quick. I managed the test to become a professional golf teacher with the PGA of Germany. This was a big achievement and I’m very grateful to the club Fleesensee and Oliver for letting me in. I have a wonderful friend, Manager and Caddie, Ronald, who is helping me achieve my dreams. I also get support from my parents, but this alone won’t help for so long. 

My goal is to get a sponsor as it cost a lot of money to start up a professional career. If you would like to sponsor, please contact me. This Internet site, will above all, be about me as a professional. It will also contain instructional videos and course Vlogs. I hoped you enjoyed getting to know me.

All the best,

Birk Bergdahl